Vadim2013-02-01 18:24:30
Vadim, 2013-02-01 18:24:30

A distribution with a simple local web server out of the box?

Many distributions are beautiful and different. We need a user-friendly solution that quickly deploys without an Internet connection and immediately provides for use something like a local web server (a la Denver) with PHP and MySQL + phpMyAdmin.

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Mezomish, 2013-02-01

Do you need a distribution kit “urgently right now”, or is there an option to create it yourself? For the same Ubuntu , there is a tool that allows you to tweak the original ISO by removing / adding packages, and then save the result as your own ISO.

merlin-vrn, 2013-02-01

Any. For example, debian:
apt-get install apache mysql php
and you have a server that listens (including) locally

holyorb2, 2013-02-01

>> with PHP and MySQL+phpMyAdmin
1. Choose any distribution that you know best
2. Install Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin - it will take 3 minutes and it is installed already configured and everything that is in the /var/www folder - will be a site, a simple page is created there, but you can delete it and install a CMS.
There is no such thing as Denver in Linux. but there are analogues, I use XAMPP (LAMPP will be downloaded) - here the archive is downloaded and unpacked, it turns out an analogue of Denver + a bunch of lotions

farafontov, 2013-02-02

on ubuntu in one line

sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

or select a web server when installing the axis itself

abyrvalg, 2013-02-03

Will the virtual machine work?
There are a whole bunch of them here: bitnami.org/stacks

Violetdrug, 2013-02-01

Alya Denver - wamp

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