kropotkin2014-07-30 19:17:04
kropotkin, 2014-07-30 19:17:04

A customized select, or maybe not a select at all?

Tell me how you can make such a select here:
The red square is a picture.

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Michael Danilov, 2014-07-31

When clicked, a div appears with a list of the form

<label><input class="hidden" name="category" type="checkbox" value="good"/><span>Продукты и промтовары</span></label>
<label><input class="hidden" name="category" type="checkbox" value="electronics"/><span>Бытовая техника и электроника</span></label>

.hidden {
display: none;
input + span {
color: #d0d0d0;
input:checked + span {
color: #000;

Maksim Zverev, 2014-07-30

Depending on what you want. If you need a select, then take one of the many plugins for styling and edit it for yourself.
In general, if you have this screenshot, then there is this site, see how it is done there.

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