Valery Zhmyshenko2019-08-12 11:47:02
Valery Zhmyshenko, 2019-08-12 11:47:02

A course to learn React + Redux?

Tell me which course to study React to choose. I had a little experience working with him a few years ago, that is, I know the basic concepts. I know ES6 too. The course is better in Russian.
Searching the net, I came across the following:
1) React. Intensive course for programmers from Dmitry Lavrik
2) React + Redux - Professional Development from Udemy
How up-to-date or is there something better?

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sim3x, 2019-08-12


Pavel Didenko, 2019-08-12

The best course React + Redux - Professional Development took this course twice and found a job
But the documentation is also a must read, for better assimilation

Vadim Bogomazov, 2019-08-12

React Redux tutorial by Pacian.

Kairat, 2019-08-13

2) React + Redux - Professional Development by Udemy

This course helped me a lot. Recommend! There are occasional sales on Udemy.

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