dk-web2016-05-03 20:17:05
dk-web, 2016-05-03 20:17:05

A couple of short questions about Laravel?

1) Is it possible to use restfull controllers and routes...
a la Route::resource('sources', 'SourceController')));
somehow manage to call your own methods? in addition to store update, etc.
2) How can I delete in nested models?
For example, there is an object editing form... with an action on its rest controller.
But different models are attached to this object - let's say phone numbers...
We have to make a nested form for each button. The form in the form is obtained ...
And when saving the global, we will call it the model ... Laravel does not work out (

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Dmitry Kuznetsov, 2016-05-03

1. Do a GET/POST route before resource. For example,
Read the docs: https://laravel.ru/docs/v5/controllers#resource
2. The brain does not understand to read)
Maybe: https://laravel.ru/docs/v5/eloquen

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