mr_sota2012-06-09 16:34:37
mr_sota, 2012-06-09 16:34:37

A couple of questions to ZCE?

Good day!
I think many here have received the status of Zend Certified Engineer, so I have questions for these people:
1. What do they (Zend, VUE) consider ID? A civil passport is clear, whether a driver's license is suitable, foreign. passport?
2. If the exam is passed, what should I do? Sign something, just walk away?
3. When does the diploma arrive (approximately)?
4. Are there any age restrictions for participating in testing?
Thanks in advance!
PS Search and Google used, found only the answer to the 3rd question

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edogs, 2012-06-09

1. When we handed over - demanded TWO documents, showed the rights and the passport of the Russian Federation. Moreover, there was not a word about this on the off-site, they found out by chance - by calling the certification center in advance.
2. Take a piece of paper with data on passing the exam (we didn’t need it, but it can come in handy if something is lost somewhere), leave.
3. They never sent a paper diploma: (All requests to send were simply ignored. It's a shame, terribly :)
4. You need 2 documents, the only limitation is this.

dali, 2012-06-09

1. cm 1 comment
2. cm 1 comment
3. passed on 19.08, the certificate came on 13.09
4. cm 1 comment
I gave an identity card and rights.

mr_sota, 2012-06-09

Thanks everyone for the replies! We will think where to get the second document ...

bredmm, 2012-06-10

In fact, you need one document with a photograph, and the second with a signature.
handed over in April, in Kiev in Softline on Igorevskaya
I had a studak and a passport with me

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