Peter2017-09-02 13:43:03
Peter, 2017-09-02 13:43:03

A couple of questions about VPN. How to get a complete analogue of the local network?

Good afternoon, the essence of the question is this. I recently discovered in the "Home Broadcast" function of the Steam client, the principle of the technology is that from the host computer you can play on another device where the Steam client is installed, but only within the local network.
Immediately, the idea with VPN came to mind.
On the host computer, I flashed the router with DD-WRT firmware, set up VPN, on the client computer, I connected to the network using regular means. The VPN seems to work, computers ping to the internal addresses that the VPN issued, but Steam does not see the second computer in any way. I decided to check the overall operation of the local network by simply sharing folders, but computers do not detect anything. Where did I make a mistake in setting? There is another option with Hamachi, but this is a separate solution and I would not want to install another program for this. Unless, of course, everything can be solved by regular means.

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chupasaurus, 2017-09-02

You didn't specify which protocol you configured the VPN for. If it was OpenVPN, you need to configure ethernet bridging , and only via UDP.
PS Home Streaming is very dependent on network latency and its stability (should not fall below 1/framerate, if less than 4ms - excellent), as well as a video stream there with a high bitrate (so as not to load the processor of the computer on which the game is running), which kills the ability for a gaming machine to be connected via WiFi standards under 11ac.

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