Thiago Alvarez2019-09-10 20:29:00
Apache HTTP Server
Thiago Alvarez, 2019-09-10 20:29:00

A couple of questions about Apache.... Not listening on a port?

Linux Ubuntu Server
1) There was a site on Apache. Have worked.
After changing the IP ( to ) the pages do not open in the browser...
But if you return the old IP, it works...
I don't understand what is the connection between IP and Apache?
What should I do so that Apache gives out pages, even if I change the IP?
2) Port 80 tcp in netstat, why is it not there
why is there only tcp6 ::: 80? and ipv4 80 port LISTEN is not present? even if without grep LISTEN.
Is that how it should be?
The documentation says that you need to change Listen 80 to Listen in the config port . Toda and in netstat there will be a line for ipv4

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akelsey, 2019-09-10

1. most likely in virtual hosts it is explicitly written on which interface it listens to the port (directly ip like xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80 instead of *:80)
2. yes, this is normal (c)

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