Nikolai2013-03-17 12:01:56
Nikolai, 2013-03-17 12:01:56

A couple of models in different price categories?

Due to the untimely death of the current Zp500 + phone, I'm looking for something adequate to replace it. Taking Zp500+ was frankly a shitty idea, advise what to pay attention to now.
What I would like:
- necessarily 2Sim
- a good screen
- gig of RAM
- android 4.1
- a more or less long-lasting battery
- to turn on from the power button immediately, and not after a few moments
- high-quality GPS
- so that a not completely rootless brand, ideally the presence of cyanogen and active Russian community.
Price, if possible, in two categories:
1) Up to 8,000 rubles
2) Up to 13,000 rubles
Thank you in advance!

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trolostasik, 2013-03-17

JiaYu G3 or wait for the release of G4, there is not much left.

EugeneOZ, 2013-03-17

Lenovo IdeaPhone P770 - seems to fit the characteristics

Nothingman, 2013-03-17

Lenovo K900 can wait?

Atxmega, 2013-03-18


RAZVOR, 2013-03-18

Can I use the galaxy grand duos

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