magary42015-05-19 22:42:51
magary4, 2015-05-19 22:42:51

A couple of meteorjs questions?

I am just starting to work with meteor and have such questions
: 1. What happens when you start meteor command? as I understand it, the project files are divided into those that isclient, links to dependent scripts are added there and isserver which after that will be called by the node. What happens when I put the meteor command on a mobile device? Is it possible to collect the result with a meteor and copy it to android studio and build it there? I see a certain demeteorizer for this?
2. How to make the most minimal assembly. By default, a lot of scripts are loaded
3. mongo stores data in RAM. That is, if I restart mongo, then the data is not lost. But if you restart the server, they will disappear. what to do with it? What should I do after hosting the site to avoid losses?
4. How to implement the following logic: when removing an element with id 123 from the blocks collection, update all users in the database whose user.blok was equal to 123 and send an email to everyone?
5. How to make the events collection return, in addition to the collection fields, the reviews field. That is, for each event element, you need to make a subquery to the reviews collection and write the result-array to the field of the event object
6. How to implement something similar to the after insert trigger
7. Is there any gateway for working with ng-table?

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