Zhbert2011-12-28 11:16:28
Zhbert, 2011-12-28 11:16:28

A couple of Java specific questions

I came up with an idea for an interesting project. The project is hardware (presumably on Arduino)-software. I decided to write the software part in Java, so that it would be cross-platform. Although, to be honest, I just liked Java a lot not so long ago, I want to get to know it better. And so I want to ask the experts about a couple of specific questions:

1. How can you record a voice from a microphone in Java? It is desirable to write in waw. Are there any libraries for this? Or MB by standard means it is possible?

2. How is she working with USB? To communicate with the Arduino, of course.

If this is important, I work under Linux, I will also write under it.

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red1ynx, 2011-12-28

First link for "java microphone capture":
For "java media processing":
Java Media Framework
By request "java arduino":
Good luck.

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