notveganmustdie2015-01-17 16:38:23
notveganmustdie, 2015-01-17 16:38:23

A countdown timer with styling options?

Can you tell me the countdown timer, which is so popular these days in landing pages with the ability to style it according to the layout? Already went through similar questions on the toaster, but did not find a good solution there. Help out.

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mr_dev1l, 2015-01-19

used this timer frequently. Very easy to customize and style. You can also write a message that will be displayed when the timer expires.

IceJOKER, 2015-01-17

There are so many ready-made solutions that I don’t know which one to offer:
And if you want it yourself, then I think the implementation is based onsetInterval(timerCalcFunc; }, 1000);

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