Stepan2018-10-20 08:47:20
Stepan, 2018-10-20 08:47:20

A corporate "online store" as part of a loyalty program?

We have launched a loyalty program for employees in our office. Its essence is that for certain achievements, all employees receive points. They can spend the accumulated points on various goodies, for example: buy souvenirs, "buy" a day off, [a dozen more options], transfer points to a colleague as a thank you.
We kept records of these scores in Excel. There is nothing complicated, but I wanted more convenience for myself and for my employees. We came to the conclusion that if not a self-written solution, then we need some analogue of an online store with the following functions:

  • closed user registration (or registration with mail on a specific domain),
  • manual "balance replenishment". Each user will see the history of accruals of his balance with the comment "for what". The administrator will see the general history of accruals,
  • the purchase of virtual goods, which are the ways to redeem points (so as not to indicate the "delivery address" and not worry about "out of stock",
  • buy goods with a "free price" in case of buying a "transfer of points to a colleague",

Does anyone have any ideas how we can implement our idea? Maybe there are ready-made solutions (engines of online stores) with the functionality described above?

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zoozag, 2018-10-21

I will answer on Opencart.
Manual creation of users and moderation of registered users is possible.
There is a system of bonus points, a history of accruals and spending
You can ignore the balance in the warehouse for any of the positions and for the store as a whole
Make a product with a price of 1 point and the user will be able to specify the required quantity.
In general, the sources are open, so you can add any functionality you need.

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