Michael2021-06-17 07:46:01
Michael, 2021-06-17 07:46:01

A convenient plugin for uploading avatars with preview and crop?

Haven't seen an extension with a widget to manage the upload of an avatar:
- in order not to set a limit on the file size, this is only for trusted users
- upload a picture with a preview in the field (that is, immediately on the form, without submitting), with ajax, or something like this like here , according to the modern
one - so that there is some kind of editor for this picture. At least minimal, with a frame that you pull, but the more extensive the functionality, the better. It is desirable that the localization into Russian was.
- well, and accordingly, so that according to the selected one it gives the resulting picture

Those. a person sees the form, immediately sees the old ava, if there is, if he presses the "upload" button, selects the file, we immediately get its preview, select the desired area, and now, after submitting, we have somewhere the picture we need

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