jcd2010-09-08 09:56:21
jcd, 2010-09-08 09:56:21

A convenient option for viewing the feed of notifications from e-mail

Many sites, including Habrahabr, have notifications about new events, and the only way to receive notifications is by e-mail.

The problem is that I don’t want to litter the main mailbox with a bunch of notifications, besides, the Gmail interface is not the most convenient for this format of letters - I would like to see all notifications in one tape: “from” / “subject” / “message text”, which something similar to the Twitter web interface.

For notifications, I'm going to have a separate mailbox.

Maybe there are options for broadcasting to RSS, Jabber, some interfaces for mail that will make it convenient to read the notification feed? Write your way of solving the problem.

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amc, 2010-09-08

Not quite a suitable option, but Google Talk notifies you with a pop-up notification when you receive mail in the mailbox. Try it.

Tesla, 2010-09-08

An interesting way to use soap with a plus was suggested by lemurno . Might suit you.

charon, 2010-09-08

Currently, leading companies are working to resolve your issue. As far as I know, Yandex and Hotmail already sort notifications from services and show them in a special way. Experiment with these two. I think Google will also come up with something soon.

lemurno, 2010-09-12

Gmail's mail could be read through an rss reader:
But now, for some reason, I couldn't subscribe.

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