powerful8882021-01-07 18:41:00
Mobile development
powerful888, 2021-01-07 18:41:00

A constructor for a non-programmer of a mobile application?

Xamarin Visual Studio is cool, of course, for creating mobile cross-platform applications for Android and iOS))
but tell me, can anyone know if you need a constructor that for the most part will not be a programmer), but more normal for a non-programmer) is it easier to create an application?

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Vladimir Korotenko, 2021-01-07

Use the constructor from 1C
Or from MS
You will sing like me the song of the SNAP group

GFX Data, 2021-01-08

So so idea. It is better to hire a developer for minimal money. For example on https://kwork.ru/

Aleksandr, 2021-01-31

The simplest, super-easy https://sweety.link/ is completely free. It is not necessary to pass verification, click CREATE PROGRESSIVE MOBILE APP. Paid to order and / or upload to your server. There is a channel with videos https://youtu.be/JfhiA7ZCmoQ

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