Vitaly Musin2018-12-28 16:58:21
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Vitaly Musin, 2018-12-28 16:58:21

A competitor steals content and puts the publication date earlier than the original, what to do?

Good afternoon! A competitor steals content and puts the publication date earlier than the original, and search engines bring it to positions above the original site. The original texts are sent to Yandex, but this does not seem to affect the search results much. How to be?

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Voll., 2018-12-28

You can publish an article accessible only by a link, and give the link to search engines for indexing, after everything is indexed, publish it on the site for everyone.

A, 2018-12-29

If I remember correctly, in Yandex.Webmaster there is an option to "declare original text" or something like that. The bottom line is, you tell Yandex that you are going to place text B on site A. And it further links the original text with your site.

Tata Lo, 2019-01-03

It has long been a known problem that the thief is higher in the top, and generally covered in chocolate ...
There are no direct ways today.
As an option: set up a blog Blogger or Word Press, through the webmaster settings: in Google it is through the Search Console, and Yandex webmaster tools. And pour the information first on the blog, and only then on the site. Although this is a hassle, of course, but not as much as tolerating a thief.
To raise the site - use cross-posting and automation in social networks and instant messengers, they will give enough for ranking and indexing.

Daniil Nikitin, 2019-01-04

In everything recommended, I will add: make a good lead for a new article in live publics on social networks.

RemiZOffAlex, 2018-12-29

Nothing can be done if the content has not been certified by a notary as a unique copyright. In all other cases, anyone can freely and unlimitedly copy it anywhere and in any way. Everything that is on the Internet becomes part of the Internet.

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