Sirion2013-09-30 10:06:54
Sirion, 2013-09-30 10:06:54

A collector for browser extensions, or some kind of abstract collector

Good time of the day. The situation is this: I am developing some browser extension for chrome and firefox at the same time. A significant part of the code is common, however, of course, there are also enough differences. The question is: is it possible to somehow get rid of the constant copying of shared code from one project to another? In principle, I can write a batch file that will do this, but what if there are some ready-made solutions?

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Nikolai Vasilchuk, 2013-09-30

For myself, I chose a regular .sh script. The good news is that you don't need any extra stuff to assemble it.
Well or Makefile it is possible.

marazmiki, 2013-09-30

Not exactly a faucet, but it's even cooler: kangoextensions.com/kango.html
The only thing is that it's paid for commercial use.

rozhik, 2013-10-01

I am using Closure compiler . In the compilation line, I set the define of the desired browser and it obfuscates, minimizes the code, and most importantly throws out unused code.

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