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A class inherited from a generic class how to pass it through a function parameter?

There is a class of generic type:

template<class T = ViewHolder>
class Adapter {
    virtual T *onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup *parent, int viewType) = 0;
    virtual void onBindViewHolder(T *holder, int position) = 0;
    T *createViewHolder(ViewGroup *parent, int viewType) {
        return onCreateViewHolder(parent, viewType);
    void bindViewHolder(T *holder, int position) {
        onBindViewHolder(holder, position);
    virtual int getItemViewType(int position) { return 0; }
    virtual int getItemCount() = 0;
    virtual void onViewRecycled(T *holder) {};

Child class class:
class MainHolder:public ViewHolder{
        MainHolder(View* itemView):ViewHolder(itemView){
            pool_id = (TextView*)itemView->findById("pool_id");

class TestAdapter:public Adapter<MainHolder> 

        TestAdapter(Context* ctx);

        MainHolder* onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup* parent, int viewType) override;
        int getItemCount() override;
        void onBindViewHolder(MainHolder* holder, int position) override;

I want to pass this class as in java, for example
Adapter *mAdapter = nullptr;
void setAdapter(Adapter *adapter){
 mAdapter = adapter;

But it just happens like this:
Adapter<ViewHolder> *mAdapter = nullptr;
void setAdapter(Adapter<ViewHolder> *adapter){

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