Shing2022-04-07 13:45:23
Mobile development
Shing, 2022-04-07 13:45:23

A cheap and easy way to create a mobile application?

If we are talking about a simple application (personal account, comments, news feed with embed video, etc.).

How to do it as cheaply, simply, quickly as possible?
Now, in fact, the easiest thing to do is Webview, just broadcast functionality from the web?
To not bother with mobile development.

And on what to build for the same purposes, cheap / easy / fast
Flutter, PWA Ionic, or any PWA builder, or Cordova?

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Alexander Prokhorovich, 2022-04-07

The cheapest, easiest and fastest way is to hire a student for food. And including giving the choice of implementation method to him. Just don't complain about the result.
As cheap as possible - give a link to the mobile version of the site.
As simple as possible - pay a well-known studio to make an application according to one of their templates. This will be the fastest. But expensive.
If you order an application, you should understand that in business there is no such thing as fast, cheap and high quality.

Anton Shamanov, 2022-04-07

cordova is not the easiest option, look towards electron js

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