Vasily Khryagin2019-08-09 00:43:49
Vasily Khryagin, 2019-08-09 00:43:49

A challenge for ingenuity. Who can decide?

Accordion, when you click on the catalog a list appears and when you click Bel. clothes. The green square should go one nesting back. On the cross exit the menu. But only clicking on the green square of the third nesting works here. What to do here? help

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ThunderCat, 2019-08-09

you have something else intersecting somewhere, when you click, both the hide and the show are triggered (as a result, it is again a show), as a simple way out - do .hide( "slow"), it's more correct to catch what you have extra on what runs over from the elements.
UPD: $('.stock-item') intersects with $('.catalog-close')

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