Natebash2022-04-10 12:16:26
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Natebash, 2022-04-10 12:16:26

A chair for a tall programmer?

Guys, can someone tell me - you need a chair for a height of 195 cm. I want to find a high one that would support the neck, because sitting for 8-12 hours on a regular office chair is like death for the back.

I would be glad if you share your experience, any advice / solutions are welcome, thanks in advance.

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Romeo558, 2022-04-10

I, as an experienced one, can say that super fancy chairs, chairs like gaming chairs will not suit you. For work, an ordinary chair on wheels (as you say with head support) will do quite well. It is worth asking the consultant of the store where you will buy chairs. Buy with armrests, they are really very comfortable.
Take breaks every hour or two to get up and walk around the room. So there will be less pain when you get up from the chair. Try different, everything is individual

Julia Bedrosova, 2022-04-10

Try the Samurai chair - they are huge.

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