Albert Rashitov2014-09-06 15:39:37
Albert Rashitov, 2014-09-06 15:39:37

A carousel within a carousel. How to make it work?

In general, there is such a block.
That is, this is one big carousel, inside of which there are three (or more) small carousels with views of the ladies)
It works as follows:
one big picture and 3 previews at the bottom is the bootstrap carousel,
large pictures in a row -owl carousel
Separately, everything works fine. But if you connect them, then the bootstrap carousel stops working, when you click on the preview (small pictures), the image does not change.
There are no errors in the console, but I suspect there is a conflict.

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Dima Pautov, 2014-09-06

What does it mean to connect? How do you "connect" 2 different carousels?

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