Renaissance2013-10-23 11:55:30
Renaissance, 2013-10-23 11:55:30

A call from an Autodesk Russia representative on suspicion of using “pirated” software

The other day they called allegedly from Autodesk Russia, the person introduced himself as Victor Agapov . He began to talk about the fact that allegedly someone in our organization uses Autodesk products, but we do not have open licenses and there is a suspicion of using unlicensed software. To all requests to explain in more detail and clarify the details, he answered only that a letter with all the details would be sent to the organization's email within 2 weeks. He said that allegedly some kind of registration form was filled out on their website indicating our CJSC “COMPANY_NAME”.

An interesting fact is that this Viktor Agapov knew the full name of both the CEO and the head of the IT department. We did not deal with Autodesk, even through intermediaries.

Unauthorized installation of software on work PCs by employees is excluded, these actions are prohibited by group policy. The official website of autodesk is blocked by antivirus software according to the general rules.

Naturally, none of the employees knows anything about any "autocad". And the type of activity of our organization does not imply the use of software from Autodesk.

We searched Google for this Viktor Agapov, found similar stories (he apparently reads the text according to the template), but no one has unsubscribed about the results of all this.

Actually questions: somebody faced a similar situation? Did that mythical Viktor Agapov call you? What information comes in the "letter of happiness" (IP-addresses, the name of the mailbox for registration)? How did it all end (if it ended) for you?

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kaladhara, 2013-10-23

It was here.

Mitya Kolesnikov, 2013-10-23

The muddy story is very... If everything is running smoothly in your corporate infrastructure and you are ready for any checks, send Agapov far to the stump. And if something from the series “we will send our specialist to you for verification” is offered, in no case do not let this person near the system. You never know what will be entered into the register, then they will really screw you with piracy with all the ensuing fines. You do not need to conduct an audit, it will be carried out by independent experts from law enforcement officers with verification. And be extremely vigilant, all the papers of the inspectors must be official, they should not be connected with Autodesk in any way, except for a possible complaint from them. How it ends is also very interesting. Your case is one of the fundamental reasons that I used to go to work with a personal laptop.
Good luck with your trial!

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