evilemon2017-11-20 00:34:32
System administration
evilemon, 2017-11-20 00:34:32

A call for help, or how realistic is it for a law school graduate to get a job in system administration?

Good night everybody.
The topic is damn hackneyed, but it's really very important for me, so I hope one of the IT people living here will still agree to give a hint.
First, a little lyrics - after graduating from the law faculty, by the age of 20 I realized that I had turned into the wrong steppe. The result - moving to another city, employment in personnel outsourcing (for the first time, so to speak) and dismissal (planned one of these days).
I decided to go to IT. Not for money (supposed) for the sake of, and not because it's cool - because there is always something interesting here, and it will not let your brain dry out. I thought for a long time which way to look, and came to the conclusion that it was more logical to start with system administration. There is little knowledge, but in pieces, so I rushed from side to side for a long time, but in the end I realized that right now the interest is at the hardware level - the architecture, the specifics of interaction with the OS, the network.
At the moment, knowledge is above average, probably - to disassemble, assemble, something simple to replace, clean, tweak the BIOS, restore the blocked administrator on this xp of yours, set up a router with ̶b̶o̶zh̶b̶e̶y̶ ̶p̶o̶m̶o̶sch̶b̶yu̶ Google I can. I have basic knowledge of Linux systems (* rebellion; then, after heavy smoking on archwiki, arch started up, I liked it and it seems to go slowly, but the gos came), now I installed debian on vbox, started picking bash little by little.
From the literature - I read posts on habré, linux sites (linuxorg, archwiki, etc.), cyberforum, giktimes, and so on. There were also attempts with javarush, phyton, but there was a lack of basic knowledge, or maybe just not mine. Lies "C" Kerningan, but too early, I think. In general, I don’t suffer from deafness, I just know only what I personally encountered (say, there is almost no knowledge networks, now I sit down for Olifer).
The essence of this epic - is it possible in my case to apply for the vacancy of an assistant system administrator? And what, besides give-bring-drag, does his duties actually include? I don't want to go to helpdesk, I've been sitting on the phone. Of course, enikey has nothing to do with the server, but I need to push off from something, and I learn pretty quickly. Before that, I had never worked except as a freelancer, but from the reaction of my acquaintances, I realized that employment before the New Year was not the best idea, and yet ... For some reason, it seems that a girl who also has a legal diploma will be immediately rejected as a humanist, not capable of hauling heavy equipment.
PS I am in St. Petersburg (not sure how important it is: D)
PPP What should I say at the interview about the salary? Simply, if I say that I am going for the sake of knowledge, they can even offer to "work" for free. And you also need to live on something. Dilemma, in a word.

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CityCat4, 2017-11-20

is it possible in my case to apply for the vacancy of assistant system administrator?

Maybe. People claim even with less knowledge, it really happens that people don’t know how to compress the cable :)
Everything that a full-time administrator does not want to take on, or everything that the head of the department comes up with. For example, go to the server room, sort out the rubbish lying there :) Some boring tests, assembling and disassembling the machine of the system unit - there are many works that the admin does not want to do / once / not urgent ...
Maybe. But if this happens, but you want to go there, try to get through directly to a potential boss. In addition, everything depends on the office and on the situation inside the office, how much a fighter is needed . In small offices, this usually does not happen, but there is a high risk of running into swindle and scammers. There is a direct relationship - the thicker the office, the more formalized it is. In everything. And in the requirements for personnel and in the order of payment of salaries.
evilemon , admins are people too :) No one will instruct a girl to carry heavy equipment for two reasons :)
- Girls decorate IT and need to be protected :)
- Equipment costs money, and if you drop it, the one who gave the order will be to blame. Because see paragraph above
View vacancies roughly correlated by skills and ask for the median for this market segment

Alexander Chernykh, 2017-11-20

Real life examples show that you can try.
He himself graduated from the Polytechnic University with a degree in electronics engineering in 1995. The specialty has nothing to do with administration. He worked as a marketer in the marketing research department (where he got a job and went there) until 2000. Since 2000 he has been an admin. There are only 2 jobs in the workplace.
At your leisure , read
Try, be sure to try and everything will work out. And the fact that you are a lawyer will only add pluses

fpir, 2017-11-23

Well, first of all, where did you get the idea that there is a lot of money (allegedly) in administration, a PHP-JS junior, on the move, gets 1.5 times more than the average sysadmin. Further, there is Linux - admins and wine-admins, respectively, and they take enikeev to their "side of power". So, there are many times more wines of admins (and therefore there are more vacancies for enikeevs) and they don’t need a bush, and even on shall, but, all of a sudden, 1s-moonspeak.
In addition to all jokes, put C aside in the farthest box, and move closer from the hardcore SQL and implementation features of sql-bases on the chosen "power side" (MySQL or MSSQL).
You will be very lucky if you get a vacancy in an IT company, agree for any money (although they usually don’t do much greed), you will get a lot of experience from there in half a year. And although employers disparage less than 3 years of experience, such experience will be worth 3 years of enikey at the wholesale warehouse.
In no case do I discourage, I think if you start a career in IT, then if you regret it, then casually and not soon. But it will take several months to look for the first one without experience and knowledge of what knowledge is really in demand. But this is also an experience and, consider, an unpaid trial period. From unsuccessful interviews, when looking for my first job, I learned a lot.
Yes, I think you will also encounter gender discrimination, get ready.

SpyDeX, 2017-12-18

Oh, how many letters, you can immediately see the law faculty, and not IT.
Banal advice - if you want to try - try. (from the original "if you want to be happy - be happy!")
In IT, you can start with monkey testing, then, if you have a gift, step into programming through automatic testing and then grow into development.

Puma Thailand, 2017-11-20

Go and settle down
According to the RFP, it is logical to always say the amount you need to live

vanoc, 2017-11-20

I have an accounting degree, and for almost eight years I have been working as an administrator. When looking for a job, a friend offered to go to them as an assistant system administrator. I passed the interview and after a couple of months I was promoted to admin. Incl. as you can see everything is possible.
And after the university I worked for a couple of years as an ordinary accountant and deputy chief accountant and realized that it was not mine.

siriym, 2017-11-20

Go and make your way to eki-kei unambiguously, while doing self-education at the same time. On networks on YouTube there is an excellent channel of Andrey Sozykin, you, as a beginner, will do just right =)

nmdeo, 2021-12-11

Regarding the RFP - usually they write the minimum wage in the vacancy - ask for it.
Do not underestimate your abilities, it is better to find your advantages for this position, and focus on them. The desire to join the profession and gain new knowledge is an excellent incentive to be an active and purposeful worker.
Well, many IT specialists, even if they have experience, can be inferior to you in diligence, ingenuity, the ability to quickly analyze information and make competent decisions. There are many vacancies in this professional field, but not all of them are filled by the right people.

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