yeputons2011-02-24 20:14:42
yeputons, 2011-02-24 20:14:42

A C book without conio.h and with pointer parsing and memory leaks?

Good evening
I myself know C/C++ quite well. I looked at several books at random in the store - they all say that a string is an array of characters and is declared a "magic" char* . Conio.h is also actively connected and used - in general, TurboC. I would like to find a book where, in addition to magic, there are explanations of what pointers are, what memory leaks are, why strings cannot be added with the + operator , unlike Delphi, which is contained in * .h files and other phrases in the style of “how and why it works ' rather than 'do this and that'.
Question: I need a small book that has it all. Tell me please.

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MikhailEdoshin, 2011-02-24

Kernighan and Ritchie are usually advised . Although, I confess, I have not read them :(

Bright, 2011-02-24

K&R. It can be said that this is not only the main book on C, but also one of the fundamental books on programming.
There is no “magic”, everything is explained, although it is not chewed (but the book is small). From there you can also find out that “what are pointers, what are memory leaks, why strings cannot be added with the + operator” - three closely related questions =)

Anton Kossov, 2011-02-24

K&R. And in general, any canonical book on programming in C [under UNIX].

Deimus, 2011-02-25

I advise you to read "Scott Meyers - Effective use of C ++" and "Herb Sutter - Complex tasks in C ++", they are written for C ++, but some of the pointers are very good for C, so I think the best option for in-depth study .

dmomen, 2011-02-24

It's hard to believe that you know C/C++ well enough and don't know Stroustrup's books.

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