NeoCode2017-04-17 23:15:06
NeoCode, 2017-04-17 23:15:06

A bunch of Windows + (Opera | Chrome) + Beeline + Google does not work: who came across and what could it be?

A mysterious problem arose with the operation of Opera and Chrome browsers and Google services.
There is some stable combination - the Beeline provider, the latest Opera or Chrome browsers, the Win7 system, in which Google services (search, youtube) do not work or work extremely poorly. Youtube won't load at all and I can't watch any of the videos. The search often asks for a captcha. Clicking on a link in the search results does not work or sometimes freezes for several minutes (!). GMail is not signed in.
It was checked on a working computer, on a laptop, on a clean virtual machine with Win7 - the problem is everywhere. Resetting settings, reinstalling browsers does not help.
At the same time, Firefox, Vivaldi browsers work fine on the same system. Chrome and Opera browsers on Linux are fine too. If you turn on VPN in Opera, then everything becomes normal too. All extensions are disabled, nothing changes. With other sites, opera and chrome work perfectly fine.
That is, it is some kind of bundle of three factors at once - provider, browser and Google. But what? What is it and how is it even possible? And - most importantly - how can this be overcome?

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