Anton Fedorov2012-09-22 12:09:52
Anton Fedorov, 2012-09-22 12:09:52

A bunch of system applications with iron?

I ask for help and advice. There is a Chinese. Under it there is 4.0.3 firmware from a third-party manufacturer that can do almost everything.
With the help of such and such a mother, I assembled 3G and Wifi modules for it, registered them in autostart - and it all worked, but there are a couple of nuances with which I don’t know what to do - I can’t find any intelligible documentation.
Sometimes the 3G of my beloved egg falls off, and only the restart of the 3G module helps to unstick. Turning off and on 3G by regular means only disables the interfaces. I would like to add another “Reload module” item to the 3G menu - for this you need to run

echo 1 > /sys/em86-eg/stop
  sleep 5
  echo 1 > /sys/em86-eg/start

after which everything works fine, but running in the android-terminal is somehow inconvenient. So - how to add an item to the system mini (tibyu, tibyu)?
The second problem is that there is no sound on a voice call via 3G. That is, the calls themselves work, it turns out to call him, it turns out to call from him - but there is no sound, neither there nor back. The microphone does not seem to turn on, since system sounds (that is, poking at the screen, plus or minus the volume, etc.) are perfectly transmitted through it!
In this connection, the question is - how can you turn on the "telephone" functions? Where to look for manifestos or something else, where this joy is written?

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boolker, 2012-10-12

Unfortunately, I don't have an answer to your question. I just wanted to ask, if you manage to soft reset the 3G module, describe what was done for this.
Thanks in advance.

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