ksvdon2018-07-02 12:32:25
ksvdon, 2018-07-02 12:32:25

A bunch of selenium + firefox opens a page with a broken encoding, as I understand it, how to fix it?

In general, the problem appeared a few weeks ago, I can’t understand what’s the matter, I didn’t run into this before. For example, how does the page https://yandex.ru/
look like, you need to explicitly specify the encoding for the browser, or what to do, who came across?
ps the problem is not in Cyrillic, for sites with Latin the same trouble

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ksvdon, 2018-08-12

In general, it turned out that there are not enough packages
reinstalled and everything is in order now... ps firefox because I install from the archive, not through yum and do not collect. Hence the problem.

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