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iceman00758, 2017-07-07 11:03:02

A bunch of Mikrotik - Ubilling - Radius?

Hello ! Admin in a small provider. The network is divided into subnets, on each subnet there is a Mikrotik, which is a separate server. Used by Ubilling for billing. When Mikrotik was alone, billing turned off logins without any problems. After the park expanded, I had to make a script not only to disable, but more so that the disabled person would be shown the page of the stub "not enough money in the account, pay" (to remove a significant load from the TP).
Now the idea has arisen to put a radius server that will stand between billing and Mikrotik, and do its own thing (let it not let subscribers into the network, roughly speaking). I didn’t find anything about this bundle on the Internet, can you tell me the features of the settings, or poke your nose into some kind of manual, because I didn’t google anything about this. I will also be grateful for advice on whether it is worth doing this at all or not. If not, I would be happy to advise in the direction of another solution. Thank you for your attention.

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Vladimir Zhurkin, 2017-07-11

I did this myself a long time ago and not on ticks.
To be honest, I would have thought to get away from ppoe altogether And make authorization by ipoe.
It will be like this. A tick dhcp request from a client or a relay from other ticks
- can send requests to the Radius server, or directly to billing, if billing can do that.
The radius, having received the request, issues the required Ip and does radius accept.
In general, this all applies to pppoe
Here are examples
https:/ /aacable.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/mikrotik-... It
seems fluently on your topic.

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