Vladimir Lobanov2020-04-10 02:42:58
Vladimir Lobanov, 2020-04-10 02:42:58

A bunch of Grandstream GXW-4004 and Cisco SPA-122 - will it work?

I read an article about the removal of telephone lines using Grandstream VoIP gateways. Only my situation is different: I have only one analog line that needs to be taken out to the office. From the equipment there is GXW-4004 and Cisco SPA-122. The GXW-4004 has 4 FxS ports and one FxO, respectively, the Cisco SPA-122 has 2 FxS ports. Can I use this equipment to take out one line via SIP and will it be possible to connect an analog phone to one of the GXW-4004 FxS ports in order to exclude the option of a parallel phone with wiretapping? Is it possible to put a regular VoIP phone instead of Cisco SPA-122? All outgoing calls must be gatewayed to the analog line, while incoming calls to the analog line must go out omnidirectionally on a first-come-first-served basis.

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FanatPHP, 2019-10-13

In general, no need to be smart, everything should be in one table.
In the case when there are several tables, we first insert into the first one, get the identifier, and use it when inserting into the rest.

nozzy, 2019-10-12


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