Surface-ketch2016-07-12 09:48:59
Surface-ketch, 2016-07-12 09:48:59

A bunch of errors in Unity when building under wp 8.1?

I assembled the project, tested it on the phone, everything was fine. Then I started working with ui, created canvas, text, connected UnityEngine.UI in the script so that the text could be changed through the script. In unity, everything works fine without an error, but during assembly it gives a bunch of errors, I commented out everything related to ui in the code, deleted the canvas with the text, but the errors remain. Latest version of unity. The text of some of them:

Fields serialized in target platform, class 'UnityEngine.EventSystems.EventTrigger+Entry'
'eventID' of type 'UnityEngine.EventSystems.EventTriggerType'
'callback' of type 'UnityEngine.EventSystems.EventTrigger+TriggerEvent'

Fields serialized in target platform, class 'UnityEngine.UI.GraphicRaycaster'
'm_IgnoreReversedGraphics' of type 'System.Boolean'
'm_BlockingObjects' of type 'UnityEngine.UI.GraphicRaycaster+BlockingObjects'
'm_BlockingMask' of type 'UnityEngine.LayerMask'
UnityEditor. HostView:OnGUI()

Fields serialized in Editor, class 'UnityEngine.UI.LayoutGroup'
'm_ChildAlignment' of type 'UnityEngine.TextAnchor'


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st_rapon, 2016-07-14

Did you use the UnityEditor library in your scripts? If so, then the error lies precisely in it, since it can only be used in the Unity editor. All classes from this library will not work on phones/PCs/Macs.

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