Denurade2020-06-02 21:10:35
Denurade, 2020-06-02 21:10:35

A bunch of Cyberpanel + litespeed?

Welcome all.
Guys, tell me how this bundle works? Is it much faster than FMP-PHP?
I plan to transfer sites to this bundle and are interested in the opinions of experienced people.

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Konstantin Fedorov, 2020-06-11

How does it work?

Is it much faster than php-fpm?

In the assessment by eye - will work the same way.

Well, it is less easy, especially in the installation process and takes up space than nginx + php-fpm configured without a panel :) But out of the box, everything you need is there, holds the load well and works stably.

Elvis1Presley, 2020-08-12

Of course, it works perfectly and better, I searched and tried for a long time, but the cyberpanel + litespeed bundle is just flash gordon, no apache and nginx, even in a pair and did not stand next to each other. And I used the Cyberpanel panel in conjunction, it’s ideal, there are no problems, there are no panels I just tried and the braynitsp (brain removal, that’s still hemorrhoids) it’s not agile and glitchy, it doesn’t work, it’s normal ioncube, constantly what kind of shit fell out. I immediately installed it and everything immediately works with a bang and ioncube only needs to adjust the configuration in the settings depending on the server rented and that's it.
I have 100,000 uniques, keeps keitaro on the terek when processing statistics on a regular VPS, when Apache and nginx were just lying around and no matter how you set them up, what a dead poultice. Because not everything that glitters is gold and that we are constantly advertised.
A few words about the advantages of LiteSpeed ​​Web Server (LSWS):
Compatibility with Apache features, including mod_rewrite, .htaccess and mod_security;
Integrates with popular hosting panels such as CyberPanel, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc.
Support for HTTP / 2 technology out of the box;
Support for QUICK technology;
Allows you to update the web server with zero downtime (zero downtime);
Anti-DDOS; (I did not see something in Apache and nginx)
LSWS event-driven architecture - uses Apache as a backend for processes, which reduces the load on the CPU and avoids problems with high traffic;
The cache module is built right into the web server, as a result we get a fast server out of the box;
Very tight integration with the most popular CMS in the world - WordPress;
The difference is obvious in terms of performance:
Apache and Nginx are beneficial to hosters, why, but because of their mediocre work, you will always overpay for hosting to meet your required capacities for the project. It is important for me to set it up and forget it, and not to mess around with Apache and Nginx configs all the time for sadomasochism.

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