2018-08-06 13:31:31
, 2018-08-06 13:31:31

A bug has been discovered in the Microsoft Edge browser that allows you to steal local files. Should I be worried?

A couple of days ago, infobez specialists from Netsparker discovered a vulnerability in Edge that allows users to steal local files.
The problem itself is related to the Same-Origin Policy (SOP) element, which is used to prevent malicious code from being downloaded through links. Domain, subdomain, port and protocol do not match the original ones.
In general, the essence of the question is, should the developer worry? Edge generally someone uses?

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theuser, 2018-08-06

Edge generally someone uses?

In our B2B application, according to statistics, with 25 million users and 285 million visits per year, IE is in first place, but edge is 3-4% of them, which is 750,000+ people.
Think for yourself, decide for yourself :)

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