grekkon2017-02-09 22:55:12
grekkon, 2017-02-09 22:55:12

A bot to like people you follow on Instagram?

SW. experts, tell me the bot / program / method, how can I automatically like the publications of the people you follow? All I could find is likes on tags / geo to increase the audience, but I would like to keep the existing one.

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Dmitry, 2017-02-10

I used paid likestagram.com. 25k likes for $10 is enough for a long time.
The service is positioned for likes by tags, geo, etc., but there is also an option for automatic likes for your feed.

Likhova, 2017-02-10

Well, for example, here: https://clientogram.ru/ or here: https://pamagram.com/ru/blog/8
(not advertising, purely from Google, I don’t know how these services are in practice)
In general I think you just need a bot that will like photos of account subscribers, and put your account in the role of this account - then the program (in theory) will like those who follow you.

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