donjohny2018-05-03 21:04:31
donjohny, 2018-05-03 21:04:31

A bot that parses posts from the telegram channels I am a member of and reposts them to my channel. How?

It is necessary to write a bot that will monitor the updates of the channels in which I am a member (I am not an admin) and would repost (copy-paste) to my channel. Can anyone suggest where to dig?

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Albert_Gareev, 2021-08-29

For this, the Telethon library is suitable, which emulates the actions of a real user. You must be subscribed to the channel you are going to copy from, and then when you receive a message from that channel your program forwards it to your channel where you can write messages. You can look at my solution to this problem: https://github.com/AlGaRitm2020/telethon_forwarding . For permanent work, I ran this program from a virtual machine with the nohup python3 main.py command. It allows the program to work 24/7

korolkovn, 2018-05-12

This will not be a bot in the sense of the Telegram Bot API, but a bot in the classical sense of the word, that is, software that emulates a user of the service. Since telegram is open, you can take alternative clients, like telethon, for example, it will not be so difficult to implement the functionality of reading selected channels and posting any messages to your channels / chats

Bartiwka, 2018-05-03

First of all, no matter how strange it sounds, go to Google, understand how it works, make a couple of tutorial bots, once you understand the essence, go to court

Nick, 2018-05-04

No way. :)
So says Google The
bot must be in the channel, so that he was in the channel of his channel ADMIN must be added to the channel with ADMIN rights

Suleimanov_Ismar, 2018-05-06

There is such a thing IFTTT, read more about it, the other day I was also looking for something similar.
Here are the links:

Ignat Khaylov, 2018-05-10

I would also try to look towards headless browsers ( puppeteer ) and the web version of telegram.
To the topic: Yegor Malkevich's report - (-- Stealing --) Extracting data from the Internet

SharkLab, 2020-03-25

For forwarding posts from public and private channels, groups, bots and users, @redirectsbot has proven itself well

legendarnyua, 2022-03-03

From Ukraine it doesn’t ship at all, is it supposed to be like that? Or what's wrong!!!?

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