DexPro2020-03-26 14:11:43
DexPro, 2020-03-26 14:11:43

A bot that checks a URL, redirects it, and blocks it for a certain amount of time?

I am writing a telegram bot. Python. There was a difficulty with the implementation of the following. When a user sends a link to the bot that starts with https://www.google.com/..., then the bot redirects this link to the group (or me), after, within 7 days, nothing from this user to the group (or me) not redirected.
Here is a simple code to send a message to a group:

def URL(message):
bot.send_message(GroupID, '%s ' % message.chat.username + '(ID:' + str(message.chat.id) + '): ' + message.text)
bot.send_message(message.chat.id, 'Ваша ссылка отправлена! Следующую ссылку Вы можете отправить через 7 дней')

GroupID - Group (channel) ID or user ID. What will be the condition for checking the link when sending to the group?

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Dimonchik, 2020-03-26

instead of message.text you insert checked_text
and in the new function above you carry out all the calculations

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