Alex149952020-08-07 21:38:22
Alex14995, 2020-08-07 21:38:22

A bot for a browser-based flash game, perhaps?

Actually the game https://www.creagames.com/game/dk
A bot for "twin-breeding", perhaps at all?
Routine actions while you sleep or at work so that the bot would visit the characters and do several actions. The simplest actions went 5-10 clicks on the necessary tabs, went out and so on a hundred characters (download the clicker, tell me, but no, the actions are similar but not all the same, it is necessary for the bot to die to analyze what to poke) Tell me which program
is better to do this, and I'll try to do it myself.

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Andrey Reznik, 2020-08-07

Python + OpenCV, you will have to code, there are a lot of manuals on YouTube. I would not say that it is too simple, but if you wish, you can master it in a couple of days if you know python.

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