Prizrak552020-05-14 17:19:18
Prizrak55, 2020-05-14 17:19:18

A book or something else for learning javascript?

Decided to go to the frontend.
The problem is, I read "Learning HTML, XHTML and CSS (2013)". Completed tasks, etc.
Then I began to read "EXPECTED JAVASCRIPT (2019)". I read about 140 pages and decided to look for something else, since I don’t understand what the author is talking about at all, he explains examples in 2 lines, gives this, but only after 4 pages, in the end I read 1 page with code, then 15 I google pages on the Internet to understand what is happening in general and so I move on, the stuffiness is unreal, but I don’t want to quit, maybe there is some other route. With the previous book, everything was much better, there EVERY word in the code had its own normal description, everything was chewed.
You can recommend another book, I googled it, I found that they advise from the same authors "Learn JavaScript Programming (2015)". This year 2015 confuses me, since quite a lot of time has passed, you can tell

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abberati, 2020-05-14

Then the book you don't know js

drawnofmymind, 2020-05-14

Vladilen Minin is our everything)

Stanislav Shendakov, 2020-05-14

Nick Morgan. JavaScript for kids. Programming Tutorial 2016. Without scoffing.

Vladimir Korotenko, 2020-05-14

https ://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/java...

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