Sugia2013-09-12 10:42:03
Sugia, 2013-09-12 10:42:03

A book on the internals and workings of AngularJS?

After I read 600 pages of AngularJS code in B5 format on my reader, I wanted to somehow systematize and arrange the acquired knowledge about the internal structure of AngularJS and arrange it in the form of a book.
Is there a demand and need for this respected habrahabr audience?
I must say right away that the documentation of Angular is the tip of the iceberg of those mechanisms and engineering solutions that were applied inside Angular. It is they who do the dirty work of implementing the magic of angular in the form in which the documentation describes it.

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LegoMushroom, 2013-09-12

Of course yes! If in doubt, try starting with a review article, it will accurately reflect the interest of the audience

mrakolice, 2013-09-12

It would be very interesting. Personal request: highlight the digest and the situation with the creation of new scopes and their interaction. Most of the problems arise at this point.

Stdit, 2013-09-12

Of course yes. AngularJS is one of the most interesting modern frameworks, detailed information about its engine compartment would be interesting and useful, I think, to many. Do you want to make a series of posts on Habré?

gen4, 2013-09-12

I suggest starting right here with the question "what is AJS and what is it eaten with?".
I will be very grateful, because I still can’t enter subj)

evnux, 2013-09-12

Will this fit?

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