LYTK42020-11-08 15:09:25
Neural networks
LYTK4, 2020-11-08 15:09:25

A book on neural networks, will it do?

Will this book fit?

for a beginner in machine learning and neural networks?

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dmshar, 2020-11-08

Well, the book is clearly called "Tensorflow for Deep Learning". And the abstract honestly begins with the phrase "The book allows you to master Tensorflow - a new, revolutionary Google software library for deep learning." The book does NOT promise you that it will teach you machine learning and neural networks.
Knowing Tensorflow makes you a Tensorflow expert with a very basic understanding of Machine Learning. If you want to become a specialist in machine learning and one of its sections - neural networks, study just like that - first ML, then neural networks. And after you at least start to catch what deep learning is, how to use it and when to apply it - learn Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch and whatever else you see fit.

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