Wasya UK2017-10-03 14:52:50
Wasya UK, 2017-10-03 14:52:50

A book on higher mathematics for a programmer student?

In modern realities, the quality of education leaves much to be desired. Higher mathematics has begun at the university, in which there will be an exam at the end, but there is little time to study at the university (1 pair per week), and in mathematics I can hardly imagine how to apply it correctly in programming (we just solve equations and rewrite the theory) . So I asked myself: "And what kind of book should I take in order to learn more and not fly out of the university?".
You need to be able to at least this 59d3785588b61478546800.jpeg59d37862b0e81350952900.jpeg:.
Stumbled upon the question , but could not find one that would fit. Also google gave me this , but I want more explanation. Thanks in advance

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longclaps, 2017-10-03

Literature on differential equations?

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