tistas2010-09-15 22:37:51
tistas, 2010-09-15 22:37:51

A book for express learning Visual Basic?

You need to quickly learn Visual Basic, without delving into the wilds, to write utilities for scientific work
(I am a civil engineer by profession, I do not plan to become a programmer. I am
a beginner in programming - I once successfully solved problems in Pascal and Delphi)
Perhaps Visual Basic , in my case, not the best option - advice is very welcome.

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Alexander Prokopenko, 2010-09-16

I advise you to continue writing in Delphi since you already have experience, or learn C #, for simple tasks, "without looking into the jungle", it is not more difficult than VB.net, but more pleasant.

crossfire, 2011-06-12


crossfire, 2011-06-12

Or here msdn.microsoft.com/ru-ru/gg601080 By
the way there is a good book "C# for schoolchildren", I hope it will help.

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