Moe Green2014-12-18 23:21:03
Moe Green, 2014-12-18 23:21:03

A block with a text title - how to display it correctly on Wordpress?

Good day to all!
I am new to wordpress layout. I have a template that I almost completely pulled on Wordpress. But one question remains - take.ms/k7LWB .
Block with the title of the text about the company - how to properly display it on Wordpress? Statically or dynamically? If it is dynamic, then the cycle is already applied to me at the bottom of the page to display post announcements.
Is it possible to use several different loops on the same page, and how to implement it?

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WordPress WooCommerce, 2014-12-19

The block with the title of the text about the company is similar to a regular page.
Added a page and you're done :)
All other elements can be implemented using shortcodes. There is a Shortcode Ultimate plugin. There is a shortcode for accordions and a list of posts. Supports templating. Can they.
And you can quickly throw off your plugins. Like it's 3 lines for each shortcode. And then do whatever you want. Take out whatever you want.
Here, anyone needs to go through the page. And the main loop should work as intended anyway. You don't have to break anything.
Another question is that if, in addition to the page data, you need to display a certain list of posts, then we make a shortcode and run an additional loop there through get_posts.

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