joneshevchenko2015-01-18 23:00:09
joneshevchenko, 2015-01-18 23:00:09

A beginner, what literature is needed for mastering and implementing in this language?

Good evening, I decided to save up some money (to live on something for a while while I head off to study) and do ACTIONSCRIPT self-study. I chose this language after reading various forums because I liked the options for directions: animation, game development, web sites, applications. This language will be the first. I plan to make money from it. On the forums, I encountered a number of problems in the sense that many languages ​​​​are used in conjunction with something, of course, that it depends on the goals and objectives.
Please help me with the right start (literature, aspects that you need to know to implement the directions of this language), because I want to take this seriously.

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index0h, 2015-01-19

Don't repeat my mistakes of 2006. Flash is a very narrow, specialized web market. Moreover, for most of the tasks, even AS is not needed. For example, flash banners very rarely have at least some scripts, except for:
+ Canvas + WebGL supplants it.
Therefore, if I were you, I would forget about the existence of Flash and study JS + HTML + CSS, and then NodeJS.

joneshevchenko, 2015-01-19

Thanks for the advice, I heard that the flash is now negatively treated and its fall is predicted, I was also afraid of this factor.
Will JS+HTML+CSS and NodeJS be sufficient for the purposes of game building and software development for mobile platforms in general? That's why Flash was interested in its porting option through adobe air.

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