gleendo2016-06-11 12:18:50
gleendo, 2016-06-11 12:18:50

A beginner's guide to algorithms?

In general, I study javascript, and in the course of studying I have to solve problems, and so, on some tasks, and even when studying built-in methods, some points are not clear.
In general, a poor understanding of the algorithms themselves. For example, I learned the methods themselves, but here's how it all works xs.
For example, I also could not solve the problem about the sieve of erastofen, and I don’t understand how sorting works.
More shortly, advise any small manual for the most beginners to begin to understand algorithms more or less.

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sts, 2016-06-11

Thomas H. Kormen: Algorithms. Introductory course.
D. M. Zlatopolsky: Programming. Typical tasks, algorithms, methods 2012
and just a collection of problems, suddenly come in handy for practice:
D. M. Zlatopolsky: Collection of Programming Problems

dadster, 2016-06-12

very cool explanation here, but you need to know English

youlose, 2016-06-17

Stevens Rod - Algorithms. Theory and Practical Application (World Computer Bestseller) - 2016
Good book in Russian, written in simple language, examples in Pascal-like pseudo-language.
PS is on rutracker.org

GavriKos, 2016-06-11

Classic: Wirth Nicklaus, Algorithms and Data Structures

Alexander Mamaev, 2016-06-12

Algorithms and data structure. Tretyakov.

globuser, 2016-06-14

Algorithms are also given in Knuth, but there is a lot of mathematics, if you go deep, you can

Nikolai Ignatiev, 2016-06-17

You can take the edX course "Introducing to the Computer Science". They teach Python there, but it's quite affordable

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