sdxq2016-06-16 12:37:54
sdxq, 2016-06-16 12:37:54

A beginner's book on image processing?

What books on image processing for beginners would you recommend that show the basic operations using examples of any programming language?

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saltydogd, 2016-06-16

Since matlab appears in the tags, I should like it - R. Gonzalez, R. Woods, S. Eddins. Digital image processing in the MATLAB environment.

mamkaololosha, 2016-06-16

Image Processing: The Fundamentals 2nd Edition
by Maria Petrou (Author), Costas Petrou (Author)
has one.
Are you going to read a picture into an array in C and process it like that? Isn't it easier to link to OpenCL/OpenCV right away?

mr. Prime, 2016-06-27

There is a great course from udacity . Everything is explained from the very basics, matlab is used, there are exercises.

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