cyberlain2017-04-22 09:21:11
cyberlain, 2017-04-22 09:21:11

A basic set of web applications in javascript, by making which you will know something about js?

Looks like I learned javascript. Wrote fifty small programs. "Like" because I'm not sure that I can write something serious. I turn to js specialists - give a list of 5-10 applications in your answers (in order of increasing complexity - according to the scheme: you need to know the program for ________ well ______). applications from real practice so to speak. Those tasks that I did from books were somehow too abstract.

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Anton Filippov, 2017-04-22


OnYourLips, 2017-04-22

Make a clone of the main functionality of this site, for example, on express and SPA on Angular, deal with testing.
After that, you can safely call yourself a junior.

ozknemoy, 2017-04-22

js puzzles are good, but only practice on a real project will move you further. starting to learn a new framework, I take typical tasks from old projects and implement them on it. this will be the starting point. typical requirements: received data from the server, showed it, processed it with filters (for example, display a list of data in descending order of date, etc.). complicating it, you can add authorization / login, editing data and sending back to the server. server is not required. to do all this with mocks, sending it to the server is enough to spit data into the console. and finally, what will roam from project to project (you can ignore the prefix angular):
"angular-cookies": "~1.5.0",
"satellizer": "~0.14.0", (this is authorization)
"ngstorage": "~0.3.
"angular-youtube-mb": "latest",
"angular-ui-router": "^0.4.0", (this is the current for SPA)
"angular-rangeslider": "^0.0.14",
"angular-ui -select": "^0.18.1"
"angular-bootstrap-lightbox": "^0.12.0",
"ng-videosharing-embed": "^0.3.4",
"angular-recaptcha": "^3.0. 4",
"ng-file-upload": "^12.2.5",
"oclazyload": "^1.0.9",
"ng-img-crop-full-extended": "ngImgCropFullExtended#^6.0.1",
"ngToast": "ngtoast#^2.0.0",
"ng-directive-lazy-image": "afkl-lazy-image#^0.3.2",
"owl.carousel": "^2.2.0",
"angulargrid": "^0.6.3"
"bootstrap": "xxx"
for a snack, you can learn the framework. writing in pure js or jq is no longer fashionable and actually gemorno. unless it's a business card site. webpack is also possible.

Demigodd, 2017-04-23

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