Ilya2014-01-21 09:42:45
Ilya, 2014-01-21 09:42:45

A basic excursion into the MVVM Light Toolkit from practitioners?

Fellow practitioners, I need to quickly understand how to work with the MVVM Light Toolkit, please help with advice and articles.
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I'm working with MVVM for the first time, I need to make a small WPF project for the desktop. I read the theory, tried examples - everything is fine, I seem to understand the essence of the model. But in the examples, either it is proposed to make your own implementations of the template, or to use little-known or no longer supported developments. You don’t want to collective farm something original, especially when you read all sorts of questions on Stackoverflow about the difficulties of implementing something in MVVM, and there are almost all the answers that in MVVM Light this is done with a half-poke.
Having created a project on MVVM Light Toolkit v4, I was surprised by the abundance of ... everything in general. This is very different from all the examples that I have already done in the articles. Well, inexperience is superimposed, I can’t leave the scope of the example yet.
Directly the question
I would be very grateful if you give an example on the MVVM Light Toolkit v4 a simple example: there is a form (2-3 fields), a button and a ListView in the window. After clicking the button, the data from the form is passed to a method that returns a list of objects that are displayed in the ListView. Ideally, if the method is executed asynchronously and the submit button does not work during its execution.
For me, in order to understand what and where to place, this example is more than enough.

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Pavel Osadchuk, 2014-01-21

Why do you need this MVVM Light.
To write any MVVM application, two base classes are enough.
here I gave you an example in 20 minutes https://bitbucket.org/xakpc/mvvm
of interest only the AsyncDelegateCommand class that allows you to create and bind asynchronous commands using async-await

Mikhail Doshevsky, 2014-01-21

What is wrong with the documentation ?

AlexP11223, 2014-01-21

Having created a project on MVVM Light Toolkit v4, I was surprised by the abundance of ... everything in general.

What is abundance? There are just a few "helpers" there, there is nothing "big and complex" like in Prism, for example.
The base class for a VM with INPC, etc., more advanced commands... and everything seems to be from the main one, not counting the snippets for inserting properties, commands. Well, there is a messaging system.

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