Igor2015-11-28 16:30:29
Career in IT
Igor, 2015-11-28 16:30:29

A banal question about Front-end development?

I apologize for asking such a question. I am writing for the first time.
There is nowhere to go for advice.
About me:
I work as a deputy general for IT. The work is boring, office, earnings - the average for Moscow time.
A couple of years ago I became interested in web design, took courses, read books, practiced a lot.
About half a year ago he began to typeset his own projects.
The scheme is as follows: Prototype (Axure) - Further design in FS (I'm old-fashioned) - Further layout (Bootstrap, Sass). I use sublime 3.
I don’t know how to pull on CMS, now I’m studying WP, I’m familiar with Bitrix, Joomla. I've heard of collectors, but I don't know anything. Git - generally by. Js is very mediocre.
I have a small portfolio of my projects, I can set up advertising campaigns (there are several training certificates). I am familiar with SEO, there are successful jobs.
And now the question. Is it worth developing towards a front-end developer? If so, what should be developed first and what can be postponed until later?
PS: In fact, based on work, these skills are not strongly required (a couple of sites + a couple of landing pages).
More marketing and management skills are required.
Thank you for reading to the end, it was a cry from the heart.

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2 answer(s)
Corto, 2015-11-28

1) Worth it
1) Not worth it
2) -

Puma Thailand, 2015-11-29

Isn’t it easier to develop as a manager there and there is more money several times and the tasks are more interesting and not as routine as in the front

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