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Domain Name System
super-guest, 2014-09-18 02:43:45

A banal problem with DNS that no registrar can solve - and you?

Whom only did not ask - no one can help. Although it seemed to me that this was such a banal thing that it was a shame to ask at first.
So that anyone can register my NS1, NS2 for their domain, after which you get to my server using his domain.
Those. so that the DNS server directs ALL domains to a specific IP / server.
READ MORE (why):
WordPress MultiSite/MU (for example) creates sites on subdomains (subdomains don't really exist/haven't been created - they only work thanks to the Wild Card). If my client wants to attach his domain to this technical subdomain, he drives it in a plugin in WP (Domain Mapping plugin), and at the domain itself, the client simply changes NS records to mine.
And here's the problem- I cannot add/remove all client domains manually on the DNS server. It is necessary that my clients can register NS records (NS1, NS2) for their domains, and the DNS server will return the same A-record for absolutely any domain requested through it. How to set it up?
I will agree to raise my DNS server only as a last resort (if not otherwise). Ideally, use any paid/free DNS hosting (more reliability, less hassle). The question is only in the settings / technical implementation.
Various options are welcome.
Help me please. I've already broken my head...

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kmx, 2014-09-18

Somehow I was puzzled by a similar problem
and decided for myself that it's easier to raise your server (you can have a virtual machine with a dedicated ip) with bind and write a script to add / remove entries.

Sergey Lerg, 2014-09-18

It is necessary to modify the existing DNS server code and raise it at home. Since the work is not standard.
Or some simple web interface for adding domains.
Although it seems that here is the solution you need

Vladimir, 2014-09-18

nsupdate utility an
example of use
can be pulled through some API thread

Cool Admin, 2014-09-18

*.domain.zone A Х.Х.Х.Х
Godeddy DNS-premium allows you to make such records for a thousand rubles a year.
Well, plus, you can make vanilla DNS servers from standard ones, so that the Godedive servers disguise themselves as ns1.domain.zone and ns2.domain.zone

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